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About Architecture Office MODUS-R

We create and materialize buildings of different kind, characteristics and size andin cooperation with our partners provide design services throughout whole building process.

Dace Rampāne - office director, architect
Aiga Kurpniece - architect

Architecture Office MODUS-R Projekts


New canteen building at NAF Air Force Aviation Base, Ķegums county, Rembate parish

2018 - 2019

Construction design, author supervision

Area: 3000 m2

Reconstruction of Ernsta Glika Alūksne state gymnasium buildings at E.Glika Street, Alūksne, Alūksne Municipality

2018 - 2019

Architecture, master plan

Area ~ 8500m2

Open-air stage in Roja 

2018 - 2019

Author’s supervision

Area: 2211,40 m 2

photo from Andris Zemel's archive


Modernization of "Tērvetes alus" brewery .

2011 - 2017

Modernization of "Tērvetes alus" brewery.

Project and author's supervision.

Area ~ 6500 m²

Department of the State Fire and Rescue Service in Ērgļi

2015 - 2017

Department of the State Fire and Rescue Service in Ērgļi.

Project and author's supervision.

Area ~ 1250 m²

Open-air stage in Roja

2016 - 2017

Open-air stage in Roja, Selgas street 1.

Competition proposal. Project.

Area: 2211, 40 m²

Dairy complex in Tervete

2013 - 2017 

Renovation of Dairy Complex in Terveteand Renovation sketch of Horse Stall in Tervete.

Visual character of dairy complex was created combining traditional image of barn, contemporary materials and tonal solution charectaristic to "Agrofirma Tervete".
Area ~ 15 000 m²

Renovation of existing horse stalls will create new contemporary visual character and improve energy efficiency. Area: 2 550 m²


Kindergarten in Ādaži

2013 - 2016

Kindergarten in Ādaži.

Multifunctional hall in Kindergarten. Project and author's supervision.

Area ~ 500 m²


A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete" grocery store "SAIME"

A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete" store ‘"SAIME" indoor, facade and entrance renovation.

Project, interior design, author’s supervision.


Cafe in Dobele

2013 - 2014 

A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete" cafe and bar open terrace in Dobele.

Project and author's supervision.

Area: 100 m²

A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete" grocery store

2013 - 2014

A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete" grocery store.

A/S "Agrofirma Tērvete" reconstruction of the entrance to the store in Dobele, Uzvaras street 5.


Garkalnes secondary school

2011 - 2014 year

Renovation of Garkalnes secondary school into an energy efficient low-energy house using environmentaly friendly materials.

Garkalnes Secondary School was built in the middle of 2nd half of 20th century and it no longer corresponds to contemporary needs. The aim of this renovation is to create one of the first public buildings in Latvia to comply with the Passive House standard. Existing heating and ventilation systems will be renovated, new windows will be fitted and completely new assembly hall, entrance hall and wardrobe will be built as well. Area ~3300 m²

Apartment building on Brivibas street

Reconstruction of apartment building on Brivibas street.

Area ~ 11800 m²

Apartment building on Antonijas street

Reconstruction of apartment building on Antonijas street.

Area ~ 6900 m²

School of Music and Art in Upesciems, Garkalne County

School of Music and Art in Upesciems, Garkalne County.

Competition proposal.

The object area is ~ 11000 m²


Kindergardens in Ventspils

Kindergardens - "VĀVERĪTE" and "Saulītes".

Design contest proposals for two kindergardens in Ventspils - "VĀVERĪTE" and "Saulītes".

Area: 1 100 m²


Reconstruction of Beer Brewery “Tervete”

Reconstruction of Beer Brewery “Tervete”,

Renovation of brewery will completely replace existing brewing technology which has been used for 40 years since brewery was first opened. A new part with beer tanks placed outside the house close to the main road will be built creating a more industrial character to the building.

Area: 3 150 m²


Info Center at Ski Slope "Reina trase"

Info Center at Active Recreation Center "Reina trase" Krimuldas County, Riga Region.

Area: 250 m²

See also Café at "Reina trase" and Guest house at "Reina trase".

Residential Home in Jurmala

Renovation of Wooden Residential Home in Jurmala.

Renovation of annex of existing wooden house will create a small energy efficient apartment keeping the historical character of the whole house.

Area: 35 m²

Reconstruction of Beer Brewery “Tervete”

Reconstruction of Beer Brewery “Tervete”.

Renovation of brewery will completely replace existing brewing technology which has been used for 40 years since brewery was first opened. A new part with beer tanks placed outside the house close to the main road will be built creating a more industrial character to the building.

Area: 3 150 m²


Center of Cultural Education in Adazi

Center of Cultural Education in Adazi, Gauja street 33a.

The planning of the building is divided into 3 separate functional blocks:
* Cultural center with café
* Arts and Music School
* Office space for rent

The building is two to three storeys high, with the accent on the side of river Vējupīte, the widest place of the territory. In the external furnishing it is envisaged to reinvigorate the symbols of Latvian national signs that emotionally revert to the values of people's past and create a link to the future, which is the ultimate goal of the given building in spiritual strengthening of the people and education of new generation. Area: 7 930 m²

Center of Cultural Education

Restaurant in Yekaterinburg

Restaurant in Yekaterinburg.

Sketches for restaurant with recreation park outside the city of Yekaterinburg.

Area: 1 000 m²

Outpatient center

Outpatient Center at 1 Lermontova Street.

Tender proposal (3rd prize) - Hourglass.

Area: 2 435 m²


Adazi Region Council

Renovation and Extension of Administrative Building of Adazi Region Council at 16 Gauja Street.

Philosophy: My gold is my people, my honour is her honour .../R.Blaumanis/

This project envisages to arrange functionally the existing building and to build an extension of three floors on the northeastern (river) part of the site by blocking the new building to the existing one with glazed lobby connection. To ensure the diverse functions of administration of local government both volumes of the building are located in the form of letter „L” - and each volume has its own main entrance and separate, well-arranged courtyard with parking. One of the core values of the project is to preserve all existing trees. An underground level cafe with illuminated dynamic rooflights is in front of the building. Area: 3 000 m²

Kinderganten in Carnikava

Project of Pre-primary Educational Institution in Carnikava. Competition proposal (2nd prize). Sketch

The architecture of kindergarten is associatively related to the child's emotional world of fantasy. The main theme of this project is taken from favourite fairy tale characters - the Seven Dwarfs. Each building volume leads up to the broken, diagonally-shaped roof, which is associated with the hat of the Dwarf. This compositional approach has been chosen in order to locate the socially significant building into the area of low-rise private buildings by preserving the human scale and also by evaluating the view from the eye level point of view of children on the surroundings of the kindergarten, which are made manifold by potential elevation of relief and emotional interplay between greenery and building volumes. Area: 3 900 m²


Residental Block on Ganu Street

Residental Block on Ganu Street.
Competition Proposal (2nd place).

The block is formed from two parts of different usage - residental area and nursery school with Sunday school. The design of the residental block houses along the street and several interconnecting courtyard which allows you to enjoy the peace and creates safe and cosy feeling at the same time giving opportunity to communicate with the public area. Different people, different functions - one purpose - to live cosy, comfortable and up-to-date.
Area: 17 700 m²

Kultūrizglītības centrs Ādažos

2008 - 2010 year

Center of Cultural Education on Gaujas Street, Adazi.

The layout of the building is devides in 4 functional zones:
*culture center,
*office area,
*art and music school.

Area: 7 000 m²

Liepaja airport

Air Traffic Control Center at Liepaja Airport.
Competition Proposal (2nd place).

Large part of a day people spend at work. Special attention was devoted to comfort of employees during design process. Compositional solution is made of two contrastive volumes: one-storey spacious volume and vertical accent - tower. This kind of design placing administrative, technical and area for household on the ground floor is comfortable and economic solution.

Area: 1 100 m²


Brewery “Tervete”

Reconstruction of beer brewery “Tervete” filling shop and office in Dobele region, Tervete district.

New two level building is blocked with existing production site. Over parking lots located presentable tasting hall, it goes as projective. These buildings bended tubby look associates as beer barrel. With fountain and eye-catching ramp all together makes architectures accent and brewery face. Area: 800 m²

Carnikava Region Council

2007 - 2008 year

Reconstruction and Technical Project of Carnikava Region Council.

Competition proposal ( place).

Project provide replacing of existing entry with new construction of glass, where it’s planned to be two storied entry hall with stairs to basement level and elevator to second floor. Visitors (as well as disabled visitors) has easy access to council and all service rooms.

Area: 1 700 m²

Sports Hall "Keizarmezs"

Sports Hall at "Keizarmezs".

Sports complex will contain different gymnasiums - football, basketball, aerobics, fitness with cloak rooms auxiliary premises and also swimming pool with sauna complex, shops, restrooms, offices and parking places. Half of the football field will be submerged in the ground and ofiices built around the whole complex to fit in the environment of Mezaparks.

Area: 46 500 m²

Rupniecibas/ Petersalas st.

International Competition Proposal (2nd place). Urban Regeneration Proposal at the Corner of Rupniecibas, Petersalas Street, Riga.

The first statement of proposal is to preserve all existing trees as one of the basis of city environment and extension of adjacent park - Viesturdarzs. The second statement of proposal is openness of inner yards to let sunlight and wind in creating pleasant environment. The third statement of proposal is coexistance of residental and public function by improving each other. Area: 43 700 m²

Residential House Palidzibas 13

Competition Proposal (3nd place).
Residental Building at 13 Palidzibas St., Riga.

...So fragrant... mmm ... so tasty .. this must be the place for sweet life.. mmm... A House For Gourmands ... The house is designed to harmonicaly fit in the adjoining housing, not overwhelming adjacent two storied wood house. Only materials that are characteristic to surroundings are used for the finish. And the modern interpretation of them and degree of detalisation defines its high quality.

Area: 1 250 m²


Row Houses in Ezermalas street

Row house project in Riga, 28a Ezermalas street.

8 houses are built in Mezaparks birch grove near Kisezers. They are comfortable, homely and modern.

Area: each house - 400 m²

Residential House in Skarnu street

Residential House in Skarnu street.
Proposal For Competition - “Duality“.

Contrasts and sides are making the world go on. Everything has it’s other side. This project is mainly dealing with contrariety – two opposite sides – houses and streets, a person and public, public interests and business, historical and modern approach. And it is all going like a spiral - one becoming another, always being on opposite sides but together making a whole. And it can be seen everywhere – if you are changing you will live. And these principles are keystone to this project. Area: 1 200 m²

Guest house "Reina trase"

Guest House at Active Recreation Center "Reina trase" Krimuldas County Riga Region.

Guest house has 9 separate guest rooms. This three-storey building is designed with great views to skiing slope. Area: 200 m²

See also Café at "Reina trase" and
The new Info Center at "Reina trase".

Shopping center in Adazi

Shopping center at Gaujas street 1, Adazi.

Several designs were made to search for the best solution and to fit the building in environment and create accent. Its sits in place where it’s in full view from junction of Rigas and Gaujas streets. Area: 2 500 m²


Café at "Reina trase"

Reconstruction Project of Cafe at Active Recreation Center "Reina trase" Krimuldas County, Riga Region.

Café sits atop a ski slope. It is designed in 3 levels wherefrom ski slope is viewable in whole.
Area: 200 m²

See also Guest house at "Reina trase" and
The new Info Center at "Reina trase".

Sporta centrs Ādažos

Sports and information center in Adazi, Gaujas street 1, Riga region.

Reconstruction of swimming pool and sports center on ground and second floor of high school in Adazi.

Awarded as the building of the year 2006 for the best “Plumbing work”.

Architecture Office MODUS-R Cooperation

JSC "Agrofirma Tervete"

Adazi Region Council
Carnikava Region Council

Garkalne Region Council

Ogre Region Council

Roja Region Council

Ltd "Keizarmezs"
Ltd "AVR"
Ltd "8AM"
Ltd "Besecke"
Ltd "RE & RE"

Ltd "Komunālā pārvalde" in Liepaja

Active Recreation Center "Reina trase"

JSC "Komunalprojekts"

Ltd "Ektornet Residential Latvia" 

Ltd Andra Staļga firma "ELEKTROREMONTS"

Ltd "2 Līnijas"
Ltd "Mantojums"
Ltd "Glamma"
Ltd "Junoprojekts"
Ltd "Jura Voicehoviča projektēšanas birojs"
Ltd "Komforta standarts"

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